Dependable legal services in your hometown

Don’t be fooled thinking you have to go to a big city to get expert legal advice. With over three decades of experience, our small town law office has been providing the Cookeville community top-notch services with a personal touch.


Bankruptcy is complicated. We keep things simple.

Getting a financial reboot can be a lifesaver for honest, hard-working folks needing a clean slate. But the truth is bankruptcies are complex and intricate. That’s why you need a certified bankruptcy attorney to get you through your unique situation.

Estate Planning

Everyone deserves peace of mind.

Did you know estates without proper planning can take months—even years—in probate? Don’t let the courts decide where your hard-earned assets will go. Whether you need a simple will, trust, power of attorney, living trust or more, we take care of estates big and small.

Tax Deferred Exchange

Safeguard your assets from Uncle Sam.

Dealing with the IRS, real estate and capital gains tax can be tricky business. Without proper guidance, you could find yourself in hot water. Our team knows the ins and outs of a 1031 Exchange and can act as a qualified intermediary which can result in deferral of capital gains tax.

Ready to Get Started?

We’ve put together a quick guide of what you can expect from a first meeting with our team for our most common services.

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