Tax Deferred Exchange

tax deferred exchange

Money in your pocket, where it belongs.

With real estate prices increasing, buying and selling property can be a lucrative undertaking. But capital gains tax can take a big bite out of your profits—up to even 20%. Thankfully, there is a solution with a tax deferred exchange: simply swapping an investment property for another to delay paying taxes.

But real estate, capital gains and the IRS should never be a DIY adventure. One wrong move or missed document could land you in serious hot water. That’s why you need a seasoned attorney to ensure your transaction stays on the up-and-up. As a trusted qualified intermediary, we write up the paperwork, receive the funds from your sale and transfer that money to the close of your next property. We use the funds to purchase the replacement property you’ve chosen.

deferred exchange points to know

Important points to know about a tax deferred exchange:

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